“Multi-Cultural 7 a Side Knock-Out Football Tournament”

Football is the envy of the rest of the sporting world for its global reach. Billions of people love the game and watch the event like FIFA World Cup in the television. However, it is more than just a worldwide game; football is an extraordinary unifying force and a cultural phenomenon (source: Encyclopedia of world football-Tim Hill).
However, there are so many countries dreaming to participate or to organize the event such as FIFA World Cup, despite their tremendous efforts and the fact that they are developing or third world countries. The concept of “Multi-Cultural 7 a Side Knock-Out Football Tournament” is simply based on the fact that it will be one of the greatest milestone to make all those developing countries’ dream come true event. This is the model event which has the vision to organize “Multi-Cultural 7 a Side World-Cup* Football Tournament” in Australia by the year 2018. Furthermore, this event will eventually focus on social transformation from the grassroot. Looking at the bigger picture, it will create thousands of job opportunities sharing mutual solidarity between countries and cultures.
Last but not the least, organizing committee has already been successful on organizing the model events for four consecutive years since 2012 in Sydney, Australia and gained the direct experience how it has become a means not only for socialization, good health, community bonds but also social development and transformation. This must be one of the reason why it is said, “Football is not just a game”. -Joseph S. Blatter (FIFA President)

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*world cup name will given only after FIFA’s approval/accrediation.

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