multiculturalfootballMr. Malok ABOMTOUG
South Sudan
  • What do you think this event will bring to your community?
    - Fun, Harmony, Cohesion, Unity, Friendship

  • Will this event help your community's young and youth individuals to be motivated for sports especially for football? Can you please give some examples?
    - Yes, It helps with bringing both young and adults together. Attending training session which helps body and mental. Fitness.

  • Do you think this event has been successful to achieve its objectives? (4 points mentioned in the website). And how?
    - Yes, It boost self-esteem, integration, team bonding & togetherness.

  • How do you feel knowing the vision of this event?
    - I feel included being a part of the program.

  • Will you be interested to voluntarily support, help and work for this project?
    - Yes,

multiculturalfootballMoses Gum Majak
South Sudanese Community
This event will bring social engagement and activeness to South Sudanese youth. It will be a way of getting to know and appreciate each more than usual.

Yea absolutely, this event will elevate youth involvement in sports and competition in my community. Most of young people in my community are indeed interested in playing sport but have nowhere to learn to for motivation and encouragement.

Yeah, it has been successful to achieve the objectives of the tournament. Those who participated have continuously engaged in sport and are motivated to pursue sports as their dream career.

I think it is a great idea and something that is so much beneficial to migrant youth. There are many migrant youths who are very good at soccer and they like to become professional players, but lack support. So, this event will help them to keep trying and not to lose hope.

Yeah, I’m interested in voluntarily support, help and work for this project if called upon.

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