multiculturalfootballMr. Malok ABOMTOUG
South Sudan
  • What do you think this event will bring to your community?
    - Fun, Harmony, Cohesion, Unity, Friendship

  • Will this event help your community's young and youth individuals to be motivated for sports especially for football? Can you please give some examples?
    - Yes, It helps with bringing both young and adults together. Attending training session which helps body and mental. Fitness.

  • Do you think this event has been successful to achieve its objectives? (4 points mentioned in the website). And how?
    - Yes, It boost self-esteem, integration, team bonding & togetherness.

  • How do you feel knowing the vision of this event?
    - I feel included being a part of the program.

  • Will you be interested to voluntarily support, help and work for this project?
    - Yes,

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