Football Unites 2014 Concluded

Sydney Friendship Group Inc. and HRD Events would like to heartily thanks to all participants (Sagarmatha FC and Multicultural Team), viewers, supporters, friends, Marrickville Council, Rockdale City Council and Metro Assist for supporting us to make grand success of our project “Football Unites” for the year 2014.

Friendly match between Sagarmatha Football Club and Multi-cultural team was played in which multi-cultural team won the match by 7-3 goal scores. Guests for the event appreciated and acknowledged the event and said not only this event was able to achieve its objectives to gather multi-cultural communities together through football game and encourage for recreational activities but also will be able to eliminate the seasonal gap for football which will help for continuous practice for players and participants in Sydney.

There was BBQ organized followed by the match in which all participants, guests, volunteers and staff enjoyed the harmonious gathering of multi-cultural background communities along with the delicious marinated lamb & chicken with drinks.

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